Navigating Life's Transitions


Life is full of transitions. Many of them we choose and are excited about while others happen to us and we find ourselves in a position of needing to respond and adjust. Transitions can be positive and range from changing jobs, having a baby, moving to a new home, or starting school. They can also be negative such as losing a relationship or getting a scary diagnosis. What all transitions have in common is the element of change. 

Change, even positive change, is inherently stressful. We all become used to certain norms in our lives and comfortable with knowing what to expect from day-to-day. When a transition comes, those norms are disrupted and life feels unpredictable. If a major change has taken place (job, home, relationships), it takes time to establish new routines and feel comfortable in your day-to-day life again. 

Practicing healthy self-care during a season of transition can be particularly helpful as you navigate the stress. Getting enough sleep each night allows your mind to have a break and for you to feel restored and energized to respond to the changes the next day will bring. Try to go to bed and wake up at similar times daily so that your body can enjoy the normalcy of that rhythm and you’ll feel more regulated even as other aspects of your life are in a state of flux. 

Exercise when you can to help your body feel a sense of stability while your mind is dealing with the transition. The endorphins released during a good work-out put us in a positive mood even when the day has been stressful and can cause us to feel empowered to take on the challenges we face. 

Most importantly, any change is also a new opportunity. As you embrace the next phase of life and let go of the old one, space is created for new possibilities that you would never have had before. You’re very likely to meet people you would never have crossed paths with otherwise who can enrich your life or teach you something valuable. There are experiences waiting to be had that can make you aware of parts of yourself that you weren’t previously such as a new job that challenges you in new ways or a new community that provides unique experiences. Regardless of what kind of transition you may be going through, be alert to what new opportunities may be ahead.

If you’re in a season of transition that has become even more stressful than anticipated or you find yourself experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, contact us at the Adne Institute. An experienced therapist can walk with you through that transition and assist in alleviating any unwanted symptoms that you may be experiencing.