Clinician Spotlight: Julie Haran-Castaneda, JD, LCSW

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For a series spotlighting our clinicians,  we sat down with Julie Haran-Castaneda, JD, LCSW, a seasoned therapist with the Adne Institute for a chance for our clients, colleagues, and friends to learn more about what drives her a person and a practitioner.   

Adne: Julie, how would you describe your approach to therapy?

Julie: My approach to therapy is very integrated. I think it is essential to work with my clients where they are. I try to assist in guiding them at the pace that they are able to best address the concerns and struggles they may have, especially those that are interfering with their daily functioning and life enjoyment. This involves looking at the many facets of who they are and working with them to keep balance.  Approaching the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, and professional aspects of each individual is paramount to successful therapy. It is best when this is collaborative with each client actively participating in formulating strategies to better help them to improve negative symptoms and to reach short-term goals as they can.

Adne: Do you find yourself more aligned with any specific therapy modalities?

Julie: I align with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as psycho-analytical modalities in the therapy work I do with my clients.  My training includes a certification in Evidence-Based Practices especially as relevant in counseling children and adolescents. Approaching my clients from a strengths-based perspective allows for them to build confidence in the therapeutic process as well as in themselves. Everyone needs affirming, and the re-building of hope in their own ability to change, improve, adapt, and/or accept. This is a successful method to equip my clients to move forward, and is essential our efforts as a collaborative team. However, I always hold to the adage of not working harder than my clients are working.

Adne: What inspires you about this work?

Julie: The work I have been privileged to do throughout my experience as a LCSW has truly been inspirational.  As a wife, mother of five (5), step-mother of three (3), daughter to a feisty 81-year-old, a practicing attorney, an advocate for women and marginalized peoples, a fortunate friend, and a resident of Chicago for nearly all of my life, I feel truly blessed to do the kind of helping work that promotes change and growth.  The progress I have witnessed in my clients has had a ripple effect in promoting positive life-long improvement.  Individuals, couples, families and groups have been able to benefit.  And being the catalyst that has sparked it has been a significant honor.

Adne: At times, all of us can feel stressed or slightly burnt-out. How do you practice self-care?

Julie: For me, self-care is paramount to my personal and professional life going smoothly.  Date nights with my husband, family dinners and phone calls/texts with my children, weekly lunches with my mom, regular gatherings with friends, attending church, practicing pilates, yoga and mindfulness, going to the gym throughout the week, and walking whenever and wherever I can are foundational. A favorite cup of tea, writing in my gratitude journal, binge watching some shows on Netflix, petting my pups, plugging in my essential oil infuser, and baking are other ways I prioritize self. As I routinely tell my clients, you cannot get water from an empty well. Replenishment is so important for self, to be equipped to do for others, and to be ready to rally through the bumps in life.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Julie, contact us at the Adne Institute!