Tips for Managing ADHD


ADHD is often associated with children and hyperactivity. But children grow into adults and ADHD in adulthood is much less about hyperactivity and much more about inattentiveness and disorganization. Adults who suffer from ADHD tend to feel challenged managing their time well, and organizing their life and space for optimal functionality. Medication can be very helpful in managing the symptoms of ADHD and is often necessary. Behavioral changes are also crucial to assist in executive functioning. Here are some tips. 

Have a place for frequently used items 

If you tend to spend the last few minutes before leaving the house running around looking for your keys or wallet, have a designated spot by the door and develop a habit of always placing your keys in the same spot each day. This can be applied to anything you use routinely and predictably. Place your bag or purse in the same spot. Put your shoes away in the closet. Being deliberate with small actions can save time and frustration later if you tend to be disorganized.

Follow routines 

Often, adults who struggle with ADHD find themselves jumping from one activity or thought to another, and struggle with completing any of them. It can cut down remarkably on frustration to have simple routines in place and to follow the steps accordingly. For instance, if you’re a student and have homework to complete, sit in the same place each time you need to do your homework with all your materials available to you, check your assignments and determine what to do first. Once the task is completed, put all your materials (books, papers, computer) away in a designated place so that it’s ready for the next day. If you need water or a snack, add that to the routine so that you have it there when you begin. 

Schedule time to do chores

Similarly, having set times in your schedule each week for household chores can reduce the stress of wondering when to do what. Scheduling a day to take care of a specific chore (clean the bathroom each Wednesday, buy groceries on Saturdays) can streamline decisions that may be overwhelming. Anyone with a cluttered home is likely to feel stress when in that environment. Having ADHD can make it difficult to keep a home clean or clutter-free wince chores can feel overwhelming. Scheduling chores into your week helps to break down projects into manageable tasks. 

While having adult ADHD is challenging, by taking medication and organizing life with tips such as these, symptoms can be managed and impact life much less. If you have tips you’ve found effective, share them in the comments! If you would like someone to work with you on ADHD management, contact the Adne Institute today to schedule an appointment. We have both psychiatrists and clinical therapists!