Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD, presents with a combination of symptoms that impair one's ability to sustain attention and focus.  These symptoms start in childhood, and for some, continue through adulthood.  Adult ADHD can impact a person both personally and professionally.  We provide the following for accurate diagnosis:

  • Conners Continuous Performance Test (CPT 3) 3rd edition, administered conveniently in our offices
  • Conners Continuous Auditory Test of Attention (CATA), administered conveniently in our offices
  • Wender-Utah Rating Scale
  • Adult ADHD Self Report Scale
  • If medically necessary, we will provide medication treatment for ADHD

If you are concerned that you may have Adult ADHD, our clinicians can assist you with proper diagnosis and treatment.  Don't let the symptoms of ADHD keep you from being your best self.  Contact us today.